Monday, January 25, 2010

Stragegy #3: Silence Negative Self-Talk

Internal dialogue is one very powerful factor that shapes our self-concepts because it’s a continuous conversation we have with ourselves about everything that happens to us, about us, and surrounding us. This dialogue is on-going, happens in real-time and provokes a measurable physiological change in the body.

When we listen to negative beliefs about ourselves, others and life’s circumstances for long periods of time they become invisible to our conscious mind, making them difficult to recognize and transcend. It doesn’t take long before negative beliefs begin to limit what we reach for and achieve. They also cause us to block any conflicting (positive) information while confirming any new negative information, creating emotional highs and lows that repeat endlessly. Monitor your thoughts diligently and speak positively in order to take empowering, forward moving actions to manifest all your dreams.

Let's face it, we all want to be around positive people because it's uplifting, energizing and more fun. So be that positive, uplifting person and others will be drawn to you naturally because you radiate good feelings.

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