Friday, January 22, 2010

Strategy #2: Notice Your Thoughts, Feelings and Actions

Self-esteem is more than just feeling good; it's about noticing when you feel good and when you don't. That might sound elementary, but so many of us go through our days under mild to medium to intense amounts of stress, we take it for granted that this is our normal "feel good" state of being. It's not! It's an unhealthy state of disharmony, imbalance and weakness that we've become accustomed to. Anything that lowers our mental, emotional, spiritual or physical well-being also lowers our sense of Self and self-worth.

Thus, it’s important to become aware of what you are thinking, your emotional state of being, and your behaviors, by practicing the art of noticing. Notice what you are doing when you like yourself and what you’re doing when you don’t. Notice when your thoughts match your intentions and your actions match your thoughts - and when they don’t. Notice the feelings in your body and the patterns in your behavior that may or may not be serving you. Notice what excites you and what drains your energy.

The art of noticing gives you advanced warning of body stresses that can lead to dis-ease, arguments and bad decision making. When you notice which actions are producing desired results and which are producing struggle and resistance, you are in a position to make empowering decisions that bring you happiness, love and success. When you feel loving and successful in all areas of your life you begin attracting friendships and romantic possibilities that are uplifting, inspiring and fulfilling.

* * *
I'm interested in hearing about the positive differences you are achieving in you life while you are practicing these Self-Esteem building techniques. Please share your experiences in the comment box below so everyone can benefit. Thank you.

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