Thursday, February 11, 2010

Raising Self-Esteem: Strategies #8, 9 and 10

These 3 strategies all fall into the same categories so I've combined them in one post.


Sounds simple enough, but few of us ever really know how the substances we put into our mouths affect our entire body, mind and spirit. And our body, mind and spirit affects everyone around us. Foods affect our moods, the way we smell and most importantly, the way we feel about ourselves.

“You are what you eat,” is the best reason for eating healthy, home-prepared, wholesome foods. Processed foods have the life cooked out of them while very questionable synthetic contaminants are added. Eating faux foods drastically weakens your immune system, depletes your energy, affects the functionability of every organ in your body and leads to dis-ease, physical deterioration and lifelessness. Natural whole foods energize your cell tissues, uplift your moods, keep you slim and trim, increase longevity and make you feel really alive and vibrant from the inside out.


Exercise is such a powerful stress-busting tool that lifts mood, reduces depression, lessens anxiety and raises confidence levels. Studies also show that exercise heightens creativity and imagination. It’s hard to be shut down and negative when all those endorphins get flowing through your body. And we all know that when we are having fun and in great shape we feel good about ourselves.


How you look has a big impact on how you feel. Smile at yourself in the mirror before sharing that smile with anyone else. Hold you head up, shoulders back and walk down the street, into restaurants or onto the subway with confidence. When you feel good from a physical perspective you’ll have a much easier time feeling good from a mental perspective as well. Look your best for you just because you matter.

* * *
In the health conscious world we live in today, this information isn't new to you, but during those times when you are feeling down, have you ever thought about improving your diet, getting out for some regular FUN exercise and wearing something that makes you feel good? How you feel inside and outside makes a huge difference in the people you attract into your life. I personally want to be around people who exude the energy of vibrancy, enthusiasm and self-care.

It's not tough. It could mean munching on an apple during coffee break rather than a muffin; walking up the stairs rather than taking the elevator; and wearing funky Star Wars boxers just to keep the force with you all day long. Change one thing about your diet, exercise regime and appearance today and notice how much better you feel about yourself.

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