Thursday, February 4, 2010

Strategy #7: Eliminate Labels and Judgments

We tend to label everything and everyone then “judge” them into groups, subgroups, classes and functions – including ourselves. These labels have a powerful impact on our perception of self because we “live” according to the judgments we’ve made about others and ourselves. All judgments do damage to our self-esteem whether they appear to be positive or negative. Seemingly positive judgments like, “I’m a winner,” sets us up for failure if we don’t meet the expectations we created for ourselves. And, “I’m a loser,” is failure from the get-go.

Most of us have beliefs that repeat over and over in our heads so often they have become deeply ingrained in our psyche and replay automatically, influencing our behaviors without our awareness. We add even more meaning to these judgments by attaching to them future predictions, such as: “That gorgeous woman won’t go out with me because I’m a failure.” These silent beliefs are dangerous and potentially self-defeating because they have the power to set us up for a specific outcome, which may not be in alignment with what we truly desire.

One of the best strategies for raising self-esteem is to silence the mind. When we stop thinking both positively and negatively it gives us the breathing room to feel. It's our feelings that matter most because they hold all the power in attracting to us all the things we desire in life. And, when it comes right down to it, the only reason we desire things is because we hope and believe the attainment of our desires will make us feel better. So why not just stop thinking and start feeling. You'll be amazed at how quickly you return to your center of Self and experience the REAL you. The next step is to enjoy this new discovery of who you are.

I'd love to read your success stories, so please post your comments.

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