Saturday, May 7, 2011

Art Makes YOU Beautiful: I know the secret....

A painting
REFLECTS YOU and your energy.

How does this make YOU beautiful?

Simple. Every time you look at a painting you see an aspect of yourself. If you choose art that was created by a person with a beautiful spirit, her energy is embedded in the paints she uses, the canvas, the image and even the sweep of the brush. The painting that is born of her deep inner beauty radiates that energy into your home and seeps into your spirit. This allows you to connect to the Higher Source Inner Beauty from which all heart-centered artists channel and create, and thus raise your own vibrational level. And as you know, outer beauty is merely a physical display of the beautiful Being you are inside. We don't always show this side of ourselves to others because of the walls we put up to counter the conflict and chaos we meet with every day of our lives in the outside world.

You can enhance your external beauty merely by being surrounded in beautiful artwork.

Art Uplifts your Spirit, Feeds your Soul and Magnifies your Natural Beauty while Adorning your Walls.
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Abbey of the Glen

She's a mystical earth spirit who makes her home in the meadows of our imaginations and the hearts of our yearning. The woman with ethereal beauty and a practical mind - Faerie Tale marries Mother Earth.

She leaves a dash of magic everywhere she goes and lights up the forest of confusion, doubt and darkness with the love that genuinely radiates from her heart. She lives inside each and everyone of us.

What message is she bringing you today?