Thursday, May 31, 2012

Exploits of a Would-Be Cake Decorator

     Last November I gave my daughter a cake decorating class for her birthday. For six months we have been eagerly waiting to learn the magic of turning an ordinary cake into a scrumpdili-icious mouthwatering masterpiece of gourmet art. On Wednesday night we finally got our chance.

     I thought it was going to be an easy class. The kind where we basically squeeze icing through pre-made tips to form flowers, letters, dots and squiggles. Then voila! Everyone is oohing and ahhing at our beautifully crafted decadent delights as we blush and say, "Shucks, it was nothing."
 Yeah, well that sure didn't happen. 


     That's my homework. The cake I'm supposed to take to class next week to decorate with pretty pink rose buds and dainty green foliage. NOT.

     I even treated myself to the expensive 8" x 3" round Wilton cake pan so that my cake would turn out perfect, just like my teacher's.   I've been baking cakes for neigh on 45 years and this one was straight from the Betty Crocker box. So what happened?

     I'll tell you what happened. This cake reflects my creative state of being at the moment - ALL OVER THE PLACE. There's just no hiding the truth, especially when it's flopped on a plate staring back at me. 

     So I decided to eat it for dinner, bake another one for class and use this crumbly mess as a message. Yep, time to make some clear goals with an action plan to back them up. 

     Stay tuned for  part 2 of The Exploits of a Would-Be Cake Decorator - layering with filling. It already sounds like a lick-it-off-the-body-and-floor yummy catastrophe waiting to happen. I'm in!!!