Monday, September 28, 2015

Stuffed Zucchine with Tomato Almond Nut Pate

Stuffed Zucchini

This is a very refreshing recipe that is great all year long. Fun and easy on the barbeque or cooked in the oven. Very filling and fulfilling, you won't need a side dish when you serve it. 

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How to Make Happiness Last

Have You Made The Decision 
To Be Happy?

Lasting happiness is a choice. It's YOUR choice. It may seem like lots of things stand in the way of having a life where happiness reins, but it's not true. Stress is the biggest obstacle. It plays a huge role in our moods and emotional state. Read More to learn simple ways to lasting happiness. Read More . . . 

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6 Tips to EASY Weight Loss

1. Live as if you are already your ideal weight. Feel how good it feels to be exactly how you want to look right now. Love yourself exactly as you are.

2. Forget about the scale. In Ayurveda we aim for Excellent health, not weight. Weight loss or gain is a by-product of perfect health.

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Nancy's Morning Tips to Easy Weight Loss

1. Set your emotional tone before getting out of bed.

2. Drink warm water to start metabolism and cleanse.

3. Move. Do 20-30 minutes of exercise. Walk, swim, bike, yoga, run up and down the stairs.

I'd love to hear your weight loss tips. Please us the comment section to post your suggestions.

Ginger Lemon Tea Infusion

So simple to make with benefits that last all day. I drink this tea every morning and never have a cold. It's not really a tea, it's an infusion of fresh lemon juice and ginger root.

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Natural Homemade Banana Ice Cream

An Ayurvedic diet does not usually contain frozen foods, but this is a healthy alternative to the chemicalized frozen dairy products sold in supermakrets. So, if you are going to eat ice cream or serve it to your family, make a conscious choice to serve them natural energy and well-being.
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Sunday, September 27, 2015


I love France. It is so beautiful and there are great photo opportunities there. Ahhh ...... I am such a romantic.

The world is a trip and our life is just the journey through time space and emotions.

Spicy Warm Apples

Ahhhhh.....Nothing like a warm dish of spicy apples and cinnamon on a cool Fall day.
This is a great recipe for warming the heart, comforting the spirit and nourishing the mind. Simple, easy and delicious. 

Creamed Pear Delight

Creamed Pear Delight

Yummy, yummy, yum. Read more for complete recipe.

Medicinal Wine

This is a recipe for an ancient ayurveda medicinal wine. It has low to no alcohol content and is great for getting your digestive fires heated up so you can digest your foods better while assimilating the most from the nutrient content. 

What You Say May Be Killing You - Literally

Internal Factors That Affect Your Health
* * *

Internal factors are reactions that you create inside yourself in response to the world. Even though they happen inside you, it's best to think about them as behaviors because they are actions that you choose. By choosing how to perceive yourself, you can either behave your way to success or