Monday, September 28, 2015

6 Tips to EASY Weight Loss

1. Live as if you are already your ideal weight. Feel how good it feels to be exactly how you want to look right now. Love yourself exactly as you are.

2. Forget about the scale. In Ayurveda we aim for Excellent health, not weight. Weight loss or gain is a by-product of perfect health.

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3. Begin each day with one cup of warm water or ginger lemon tea before eating or drinking anything else.

4. Sit down to eat in a quiet, settled environment. Do not multitask when eating. Just eat and be focused on the pleasure of the food.

5. Don't eat after 7:30 PM.

6. Do some Yoga first thin in the morning as part of your routine to bring body awareness. This will help you choose your foods more consciously.

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