Friday, March 18, 2011

Worthy Priciples to Live By:

Principle #3: Before you say anything to anyone, ask yourself;

1. Is it true?

2. Is it kind?

3. Is it necessary?

So much time and life essence is spent in drama. What's it all for? Do people think their lives are less exciting without self-created drama? Is it a way of trying to "feel" again after becomming deadened from too much sensual stimulation, violence on tv, abrasive music, profane language and life outside our heart centers?

It takes discipline to quiet our need for external stimulation. But without reaching deep inside and connecting to the peace within, we are forever being thrown this way and that on the emotional roller coaster where someone else is pushing all the happy-sad buttons.

Cell phones are a great thing, but next time before you text, decide what unspoken need you are trying to satisfy. Then ask yourself if what you are writing is true, kind or necessary. Will it create a lot of energy-wasting drama instead of the love, deep peace and inner joy you may truly be seeking? If so, this is the point where your decision to choose another action or non-action could be life-changing for you and everyone you involve in your dramas. Give yourself a health boost and send a prayer, blessing or invisible hug to someone instead of that next text.

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