Thursday, April 28, 2016

Boost it Before it Breaks You: Self-Esteem Building 101

There are benefits to having good self-esteem that go beyond just attracting a good partner. Being able to attract the right partner is critical to many people because it means you are less likely to end in a break-up and more likely to be a loving couple who do lots of fun things together, share deep secrets and trust one another. Read More . . .

When your self-esteem is high, you tend to take care of yourself better because you care about yourself. You eat healthier foods. You go for walks or do some form of exercise to keep your stress levels down.  

One of the results from developing a higher sense of self, is that you show up more often in your relationship with yourself. That means you are more present in relationship with others. When you are more present, you recognize the red flags that start flying.  And when you have a healthy self-worth, you pay attention to those warning signs, not letting them go unheeded until you reach the ultimate state of being a broken shattered emotional mess just because someone walked out of your life. The red flags are wake-up calls.  When you know your values and someone starts treating you poorly, you will have the wisdom to say, “STOP, that doesn’t work for me, I’m outta here.”  You will step out of that relationship before it beats you down.

If you want help to get over a break-up or a broken heart, I provide step-by-step guidance via personal Email Conversations Services. Get the details here.  If you want to build up your self-esteem in order to make better decisions, I offer a free E-Book, 24 Strategies to Dramatically Increase Your Self-Esteem. You can find the download on the bottom of the front page on my website. It requires your email address, but hey, that’s a small price to pay for improved self-worth . . .  wouldn’t you say?  

Listen to a powerful 30 minute podcast on building your self-esteem. Boost It Before It Breaks You: Self-Esteem Building 101

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