Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Holiday Tip for Dealing with Difficult People

This is a quick tip for how to deal with difficult family members. We all have them. But here’s the cool piece you may not know. Everyone is a mirror of you. I know it’s hard to believe. You’re probably saying, “Nancy how is that person a mirror of me? I would NEVER act that way. I’m responsible, I’m reliable, I’m honest and dependable. That person is acting the total opposite of everything I do and stand for.”


I used to think that way too because I thought there was only one mirror. There are billions of mirrors, but Gregg Braden, the scientist who bridges science and spirituality, simplifies it down to seven (listed below). Regardless of how many mirrors there are, when you can recognize yourself in another, you have accepted the greatest gift of awareness. You can look at that person with gratitude for the part they played in bringing you a big leap closer to better health and greater happiness. 

“How does this bring me greater health?” you ask.

Negativity shuts down healthy cell growth. That means every time you judge someone, get angry, think or say nasty words (including the hurtfulness of sarcasm) about yourself or directed towards others, your body goes into the physiological state of fight/flight. Cortisol floods your body, along with hundreds of other stress-releasing chemicals. Doesn’t matter how many times you’ve heard that, it doesn’t change the fact that prolonged physiological stress reaction causes dis-ease and kills.

But, when you witness the behavior of someone who gets on your nerves and you ask yourself which mirror he or she is reflecting back to you, you’ve flipped the situation. Instead of heading towards a weakened immune system and the beginning of dis-ease, you’ve become open, expansive and on the road towards better health.

This holiday season there will be more opportunities than ever before for obnoxious people to get on your nerves. Step back and ask which mirror that person is reflecting back to you. If no one is irritating or obnoxious, just say the name “Trump” and let nature take its course.

Gregg Braden and the 7 Essene Mirrors:

The first mirror reflects back to us that which we are.

The second mirror reflects that which we judge.

The third mirror reflects to us something we lost, gave away or had taken from us.

The fourth mirror reflects back our most forgotten love. It could be a relationships that was never  completed or resolved that keeps replaying over and over again through different relationships.

The fifth mirror reflects back to us our Father and/or Mother. This reflection is about the patterns we picked up from our mom and dad. But it also reflects our connection with the God principle - Mother Earth/Father God.

The sixth mirror reflects back to us our greatest challenges and fears

The seventh mirror reflects back to us how we look to others – our own perception of self. 

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