Friday, March 25, 2016

How Color can Ground You, Increase Self-Esteem and Creativity

 Color can increase your energy. In this post I'm going to briefly explain how color works and how you can use it to remove creative blocks, feel more grounded and develop a stronger sense of  intuition.

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Let’s take a quick look into the science behind color, and what makes color work.   Color is all about absorption and reflection. Objects appear to have color because they absorb and reflect particular wavelengths of light. For example, snow appears to be white because when the light falls on it, it reflects all the light back, it doesn’t absorb or retain any light. That’s why wearing white in the summer will keep you cool, because none of the sun’s light gets absorbed into the fabric. It reflects it all back in a sort of scattered pattern. 

Whereas with the color black, all the light gets absorbed into the object and no light is reflected back to our eyes. Wearing black clothes in the summer is not the best idea if you want to stay cool. It will absorb the sunlight and the heat from that light, because remember, these wavelengths are just forms of vibrating energy and anything that vibrates has movement, and all movement has a heat factor associated with it. The more sunlight an object absorbs, the hotter it will be.

Red, looks red because it absorbs or holds back all the wavelengths of visible light from the sun, except for red. It reflects back red to our human eyes and we perceive the object as being red. As human beings we are constantly absorbing energies from the atmosphere, our surroundings and other people. And we are continually emitting energy. Everything we emit and radiate has a hidden sound, a color and a scent associated with it.

What you reflect will be your color, what you hold back will not be your color. This is the nature of life in all things, not just color. If you radiate love, you will be seen as a loving human being. If you hold back love you won’t be seen as a loving human being, whatever that looks like. Anything that is physical in nature, naturally reflects light. Once it reflects light, it will have color in our human perception. The color that you reflect changes your aura. So basically, the colors that you wear and surround yourself with change the energy of your auric field, the field immediately surrounding your body.

When you want to feel grounded and have more balance in your life, wear read or surround yourself with red flowers or sit in a room that is painted red.

If your creativity is blocked, the color orange can stimulate your sense of imagination and creativity. It helps you honor yourself and take risks. So if you are afraid to try something new, play with the color orange.

Yellow will help you increase your self-esteem and self-discipline. It’s also the color of choice when you want to develop your intuition.  Walk in the sunshine, eat foods that are yellow, put some yellow tissue paper in your window to change the color in your room.

Green is associated with heart energy. So if you want more love in your life surround yourself with green. Lie in the cool, green grass, take walks in the forest in springtime and sleep in green sheets!

Blue will help you speak your truth. It’s the color of expression. Orange helps you fire up your creativity and blue helps you get it from thought into manifestation. . . in other words, on paper, canvas or in the boardroom.

Use color to energize your life, bring you back into balance and voice your truth to the world. 
Nancy Murdoch is an artist, author of 3 books and a licensed HeartMath Stress –Busting coach.

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